Group Classes

Group Classes

Our class size is limited to 5 to ensure that everyone enrolled gets the space and individual attention they need to be successful. We now use a modular training class system. This means that you can enroll at any time—you don’t have to wait for a class to start!

We offer 3 types of training packages: Puppy, Basics, and Advanced. All of our classes will run continuously, which means that you can start any time, miss a week, switch days, and, for the Advanced classes, you can even switch entire class topics (maybe Control Unleashed one week, Parkour the next?). You will need to purchase a package of 5 classes at your appropriate level. Once you do that, you will receive and email with a code and a link. That code allows you to make a reservation to attend an Intro to Training session (required for all new clients) and reserve your space in the classes you want to take. It's pretty easy!

Current Schedule (Changes every few months, so keep checking back!)

Please note that you MUST reserve your spot in each class via the website in order to attend. Class size is limited, and this ensures that you have a spot in that particular session.

Fee: $100 for 5 classes

Intro to Dog Training (required for all new clients)

  • Tuesdays @ 7pm

  • Thursdays @ 7pm

Puppy (8 - 20 weeks in age) - 

  • Saturdays @ 9am and 2pm

  • Wednesdays @ 6:45pm

Basic Manners (beginner course for dogs 20 weeks and older)-

  • Mondays @ 6pm

  • Saturdays @ 10:15am

Advanced Classes:

Beyond Basics (for dogs that are ready for more of a challenge!)

  • Mondays @ 7:15pm


  • Wednesdays @ 8pm

More to be added!