We believe that every dog has the potential for greatness.

Do you like to hang out with your dog? Maybe visit a local brewery and take in some live music? Are you into hiking? Walking around town? Maybe some swimming in Lake Anna? Is your dog a boat dog? Or are you more of a sports dog kind of person? Do you have dreams of ribbons and titles? Fame and glory? Perhaps you are more of a Netflix and chill kind of dog owner, and you are hoping your buddy is as into binge-watching the latest season of Stranger Things as you are. Wouldn't it be cool if your dog was welcomed at the family barbecues (because he doesn’t steal Aunt Myrtle’s hamburger, and he wouldn’t dream of knocking down Grandmom)? What if he knew a couple cool tricks that would amuse the gaggle of nieces and nephews? What if he knew a LOT of cool tricks? What if, everywhere you went, people complimented you on his behavior?

That would be pretty cool.

Our experienced trainers have earned some of the top certifications in the industry and continually work to further their training skills. Whether your dog is the fearful rescue with the questionable past, or the overly confident goofball that pulls on the leash and puts everything in his mouth, our trainers can apply their skills and experience to helping your dog achieve greatness. How? Through modern behavioral science! No gimmicks. No choke collars, no prongs, no shocks, no “penny cans”, and no fear. We will not use any method that breaks down your dog’s trust in you.

We only use proven methods that are respectful of both you AND your dog. We think that’s also pretty great.


So…where are we?

We have recently moved from our location in Beaverdam to the town of Louisa, VA. If you haven’t been to Louisa before, take a few minutes to walk around. Be sure to get a cup of coffee at the Dapper Cat Coffee shop or a piece of delicious homemade pie from Floozies Pie Shop. If you keep going down Main Street, just around the corner, you will see our building (with red awnings and our sign). Our location allows us to incorporate the town into our classes—what better way to teach your dog to behave in public than to take him out in public!

Louisa is situated about halfway between Richmond and Charlottesville, convenient to Zion Crossroads and right off 64.

And what do we offer?

Kate, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever  Chloe, the Border Collie

Kate, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Chloe, the Border Collie

Right now, we offer group classes and private training at our location in Louisa.

Our group classes run continuously. You don’t even have to wait for a class to start—you can start at any time!

We are comfortable working with dogs of all breeds and types, from border collies to labs to belgian malinois and mastiffs. We understand the unique needs of certain breeds as well as the individual needs of specific dogs. We are dog people. This is our passion.