Ok, sit. Stay. I has to tell you a thing.

CH. Gekko’s Cherry Cola, CD, RN, CGC, RATO, TKP, KPA Canine Graduate  Hot Dog Expert

CH. Gekko’s Cherry Cola, CD, RN, CGC, RATO, TKP, KPA Canine Graduate

Hot Dog Expert

Hoomans get so upset about everything! Can we help it if dey walk too slow? Or dere glasses were sitting on the coffee table, and they were sooo cronchy? And they give us all these stuffed toys and den they go sit on the biggest stuffy of all! Who can resist all that fluffs? And of course dey yell and stomp around (which is sooper excitement!) and dey say we needs trainings. Big sad right?

But don’t worry! Trainings is fun! Let me tell you a seecret about the trainings. Dey feed you hot dogs. And chicken, and steak, and other noms. But mostly? HOT DOGS.

Now, I know what yer thinking. You think yor mom won’t gib you all the hot dogs. But I wouldn’t do you a fibber. Just listen to me and yor mom will gib so many hot dogs that yor tummy will do a rumbling. Maybe don’t eat dat many.

But here’s the thing. You have to do stuffs for the hot dogs. Not even hard stuffs. You have to Sit, and Down, and touch things with your nose and paw. And maybe stay on a mat. And sometimes fancy stuff like Heel, and Stay, and find the frufru smell, and jump the jumps, and all that. But dats ok. Dese things are also fun, and dey all lead to HOT DOGS!

ok. here is what you needs to know.


Dis is trainings place

Dis is trainings place

Dis is where the hoomans go to learn trainings. And hot dogs.

Dis place is magics.


Dis is Hot Dog Lady

She does the trainings and she gibs lots of hot dogs. She makes it easy to understand what she wants which means you gets the right answer (and hot dogs) a lot! We all love Hot Dog Lady. You will love her too. She smells like hot dogs.

Why to do Trainings? I gib you reasons!

  • Gwaltney Great Dogs

  • Hebrew National

  • Nathans

  • Oscar Meyer

  • Ballpark

  • Bar S

  • Vienna Beef

  • Applegate

  • Hot dogs

  • Cheese filled hot dogs

  • Bacon filled hot dogs

  • Chicken hot dogs

  • Beefs hot dogs

  • Pork hot dogs

  • Kosher hot dogs

  • Organic hot dogs

Dis could all be yours.

So…what did we learn from all dis?

  1. Hot dogs are heckin good. We love them.

  2. Trainings leads to hot dogs.

  3. We dogs love trainings.

Got it? Ok, good. Click! You all get hot dogs now.