Private Training

Sometimes group classes just don’t work. You might need a bit more flexibility in your schedule than even group classes can offer. Some dogs need a more personalized training plan. You can easily purchase private training as single units, packages of 4 sessions, and packages of 10 sessions. Our reservation system even lets you book your own appointments—showing you what’s available and allowing you to choose your day and time.

Our instructors our skilled problem solvers, and have worked with dogs of all breeds (from malinois to chihuahuas), and have worked through a wide variety of behavior problems. We have a solid working relationship with many veterinarians and veterinary behaviorists in Virginia, and collaborated to help dogs live normal lives. We have also worked with a variety of working dogs, ranging from trained service dogs that have developed a bad habit here and there to Search and Rescue dogs that might be a tad exuberant. Both Kelsey and Merissa are behavior nerds. We love what we do!